We like to make things easy.

Insurance can be complex, unfamiliar territory. And you have enough complexity to deal with already. We consider it our calling to help you get out in front of potential, unknown, and unseen risk.
We'll help you navigate, anticipate bumps in the road, and make sure you know what lies ahead...before trouble hits.

Restaurant/Bar + Food Service

We're known to restaurant & food service proprietors as "the one to call" when that lease comes through and you need insurance now. We will reduce your legal exposure and ensure your insurance coverage is correct for your needs.
Simple, safe, easy.

Basic restaurant? Franchise? Food truck? Caterer? Or, the nation's first vegan butchershop? We've got you covered.

Clients include: Martina, Colita, Boludo, Zen Box Izakaya, The Herbivorous Butcher, Sonora Grill, Randy's Booth Co, Cafe Ena, Kitchen in the Market, Patisserie 46, The Copper Hen, Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar, Los Ocampos, Nightingale, Sen Yai Sen Lek, The Salty Tart, Kado no Mise, Kaiseki Furukawa,Tilt Pinball Bar and more.

Commercial + Business

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers one can have. Still, as a business owner we wear many hats and being an insurance expert should not be one of them.

TLG helps you navigate the complexities of insurance and provide coverages that are tailored specifically to your operations, as well as your budget.

We reduce your risk and give you peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers.

So, if you have an advertising agency, own commercial real estate, are a law firm, run a retail operation, own a theater or a live music venue, or maybe a new hybrid business that just hasn't been done yet...we can help.

Clients include: KNOCK, inc., H&B Elevators, Lommen Abdo Law, Keller Williams Integrity Group, Computer Revolution, Dancers Studio, Public Works Agency and many others.

Health, Fitness + Wellness

Sometimes coverage can be difficult for health, fitness, and wellness clients. Due to complex leases, franchise agreements, and extensive liability issues, many carriers are hesitant to take on this business. We have sought out partners who will create the proper coverage for our clients in these tricky areas.

Athletic Clubs/Fitness Centers
Karate/Tae Kwon Do/related
Mixed Martial Arts

Clients include: The Firm, Minnesota Top Team, Switch, and others.


Your home IS your castle, and more than likely your single largest investment, as well. Making sure that you have the appropriate coverages is critical, and where we shine. We help you think about it before you need it.

Let's make sure you know what is and is not covered and determine the appropriate levels of coverage for your situation. Whether you're a first time home buyer or have that multi-million dollar estate, tool around in a high-end sports machine, or a grocery go-getter, we'll make sure it's protected.


Life + Disability

Think about it: what is the most valuable "possession" in your life? Career, car, home, family? We know - almost without exception - the answer is: FAMILY. Yet, it is often one the last things folks think of protecting.

If your family depends on you for financial support, then life insurance should be part of your financial plan, period. We represent 40 financially-sound life companies and can help you determine the best carrier for you and your family’s future...before anything

Term Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Funding of buy/sell agreements
Disability Insurance


Nonprofits strive to make the world a better place and no two nonprofits are alike or will need the same coverage.

So, whether you provide shelter to the homeless, operate a charter school, run a dance company, or are a community developer, we will be your advocate in finding the best insurance coverage to meet your organization’s needs.

Directors and Officers
General Liability
Workers Compensation
Abuse and Molestation
Professional Liability

Clients include:
Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers, Neighborhood Development Alliance, Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, El Colegio Charter School, Joyce Preschool, Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, and more.

Insurance made friendly.

"As a small healthcare and MedSpa business owner with multiple demands and limited time, it is extremely reassuring to know that I can always rely on you and your staff in a timely and professional manner to completely take care of all of our insurance needs with minimal input from me. Thanks for helping to make my business a success."

Inell Rosario, MD
Andros ENT & Sleep Center

"I want to sincerely thank you for how quickly you respond to our needs, every time. It means the world to us as small business owners that you take care of us - our minds are in a million places on any given day and we can always, always count on you to take care of whatever it is that comes up insurance related. THANK YOU. I always do my best to refer you to people and will continue to do so.”

Jenny & Jeremy Clark
Minnesota Top Team

“Carlos is the best insurance agent out there. He is hands on, knowledgeable, and efficient in all areas. Whenever we have had a claim he is right there to help in any way he can, always making sure you are getting the most of your insurance, and making sure you are covered in all the right areas. I highly recommend Landreau Insurance”

Jenna Victoria
Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar

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